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Please see the attached press release regarding TMB Global Foundation’s key initiative “Keeping Black Lit…LIt!

Our reason for the nonprofit foundation is we believe in our collective first amendment right to be (educated) as a people now and in the preservation of our history for future generations. What has been long overdue is having brick and mortar places that hold our oral and written treasures, culturally and in writings that speak beyond the trauma of enslavement in this country.

As a foundation we want to be intentional in telling “the authentic and truthful version of who we are as Black people in the United States and of the Diaspora.” Your tax-deductible donation will:

  • Curate books thematically online on our platform and build (sponsorship branded) Resource Centers across the United States connecting and reconnecting our people to a history beyond being an enslaved people.
  • Guest lecturers and continuous workshops on our platform and in the Resource Centers for the preservation of black culture • Integration of Book Stores into the Resource Centers.
  • Hire Experts to conduct Social Determinant Studies to facilitate tangible grassroots economic and social growth at the community level. • Work with Subject Matter Experts to facilitate and coordinate learning communities.
  • Work and collaborate with experts to bring jobs to underserved communities through international trade delegations.
  • Collaborate whenever possible with entities with similar missions for efficiency.
  • Hire consultants to provide transparency in all fundraising initiatives upon request.
  • Engage attorneys to be compliant in all 501c3 activities.


Our other partner J&V Management Firm – our 501c3 Fiduciary is in place to provide tax deductible statements for all donations made. Kindest regards, Elaine Gregory-McKenzie Chief Executive Officer of TMB Global Foundation Visit us at: and

TMB Global Foundation does not discriminate against anyone regarding race, creed or color, including a person’s sex, sexual orientation or marital status.


We are a Team of Passionate Individuals Driven to Make a Change in our Communities and the World

With over 40 years of Non Profit and community outreach work. We have changed the lives of thousands of people in Michigan and around the USA. We have networks across the globe that are constantly giving towards projects to ensure we continue to provide better lives for our youth and community.

Our advisory board Members

  • Attorney – Caroletta Sprinkle
  • Certified Public Accountant – Melody Bell
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